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Shi Shilan resigned as deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Jilin Province

Shi Shilan resigned as deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Jilin Province

  On January 27th, the fourteenth meeting of the 13th People’s Congress of Jilin Province decided to accept the request of the Vice Director of the Thirteenth People’s Congress of Jilin Province. Car Shirandi Qi Shi Lan, female, Han nationality, May 1954, Jilin Dehui, participated in work, civil engineering members, graduate degree, and master’s degree in August 1974. In the Jilin Province’s Dehui Municipal Education System, he served as deputy principal, principal, and deputy director of the Municipal Education Bureau of Changchun City, the work of the Municipal Committee of Changchun City, and the deputy director, deputy secretary-general, secretary-general, deputy head committee And the Secretary-General, the full-time deputy main committee (the professional graduate student of the National Institute of Economics, Nankai University Economics) Director, Deputy Director and Minister of the Ministry of Jilin Province, the deputy director of Jilin Provincial Committee and deputy director of the Standing Committee of Jilin Provincial Department of Education, deputy director of the Standing Committee of Jilin Provincial Committee, and deputy director of the Standing Committee of Jilin Provincial People’s Congress. Jilin Provincial Committee, the president of Jilin Provincial Socialist College, deputy director of the Standing Committee of Jilin Province, the Ministry of Civil Engineering, the Ministry of Civil Engineering, Jilin Provincial Committee, Dean of the Jilin Socialist College, Director of the Provincial Socialist Education, January 27, 2021, The fourth meeting of the 13th People’s Congress of Jilin Province decided to accept the request of the vice director of the 13th People’s Congress of the 13th People’s Congress of Jilin Province.

Tunisia epidemic is serious, four provinces, full blocking violations will be severely punished

Tunisia epidemic is serious, four provinces, full blocking violations will be severely punished

People’s Network News According to Tunisia, the Tunisian domestic epidemic is serious, and the four provinces implement blocked closure measures, and violate the provisions will be fined even.

According to Tunisian "Tunisia Saturday Forum" network, the Tunisian government issued a statement on the 20th that, in view of the serious epidemic, Bay, Cyriana, Zaggwan and Keluwan province implement a one-week complete block closed measures, At the end of June 27.

The statement pointed out that these four provinces are the most serious regions of the epidemic, and the infection rate exceeds%. The local hospital is very pressure.

According to reports, four provinces announced closed, located in the northwest of Tunisia, north and central, with an average of more than 400 people infected new crown viruses. According to reports, the Tunisian government announced that the measures also include establishing an infected isolation center to strengthen the epidemic survey.

The Government Prime Minister Shatham. May Sichich ordered the governor of the provinces to severely punish the violation of the curfew and isolation measures.

The Governor of Kailuwan Province, Muhammad Bourgawa announced in the evening of the 20th, "" Violation of the provisions are not only the economic penalty, but also sentenced to it. "(An Guohang) (Editor: Yan Yu, Changhong) Share more people arrive.

Skill and moved the fire in front of the first anti-epidemic power line

Skill and moved the fire in front of the first anti-epidemic power line

National Grid Gansu Electric Lianxin Bridge Communist Party Service Team checks the safety electricity of the epidemic prevention site.

National Network Gansu Electric Power Company for Graphic Group Power Wigation and Control Grid The company combines the company’s government prevention and control policies, formulates refinement prevention and control measures, strictly carrying out the investigation, and confirmed the path of the case according to the government announcement Wait in the information, make a good street investigation to ensure that all kinds of employees and close contact family are covered. The company accurately develops potential risks, classified precision, from stricting measures such as nucleic acid testing, home observation, etc., and takes home isolation measures by "green" to "green".

At the same time, the company strictly monitors the body temperature, check health code and trip, etc., which is strictly forbidden to enter the company’s production and operation places, in addition to ensuring cross-boast flow operations in safety production, in principle, in principle, It is not necessary to do nothing; strengthen key parts control, do a good job in control center, office building, power supply service command center, customer service center, emergency command center, substation centralized duty room, canteen, etc. Guarantee, the reserves of epidemic prevention items such as masks, strengthen the fire safety control of alcohol, strengthen the value of the crime. In addition, the company actively implements "first implementation of electricity" measures to meet the registration needs of important places such as health administration, hospitals, and promote online business handling channels, advocate "no face" service, and further reduce contact risks. The charge is in front of the prematal shield, which actively responded to the government’s epidemic prevention and control and electricity demand and the demand for people’s livelihood, strengthen government departments, nucleic acid testing institutions, fixed-point hospitals, centralized medical observation points, transportation cards and other key places. Power supply services and power supply guarantees for residents in medium and high risk areas. The company’s related units of the company is ready to stand up, establish a 24-hour communication mechanism, increase the duty officer, strengthen the use of electricity safety hazard investigation, take a residential power saving, special patrol, ensuring that the power protection is unloraity. At present, the most valuable is confidence, the most needed is the fighting spirit. In the face of the overlap of the epidemic prevention and control and power supply, the company’s Communist Service Team, Youth Association and Volunteer Service Team stick to the front line, the majority of party members are before, the battle is in front, let the party flag flutter on the front line, Let the party emblem in the first line of sparkling. (Jia Feng’an, Shi Wei) (Editor: Jiao Long, Du Yuxin) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.

Safety is the meaning of development

Safety is the meaning of development

  my country’s anti-corona pneumonia epidemic achievement creates a stable environment for complex indigenous production. General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out when the Second Sixteenth Group of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee pointed out that the Party’s 19th National Plenary Session "Recommendation" first puts the guiding ideology of economic and social development in my country during the 14th Five-Year Plan period. The strategic deployment is made in parallel, highlighting the important status of national security in the party and national work.

Public security is an important embodiment of national security. He has a strong economic and social development. It is the most basic people’s livelihood. In the process of promoting the public security system and capacity building in the new era, we must adhere to the concept of development and safety, and continue to optimize the mechanism of governance system, comprehensively enhance significant public safety risk prevention and control.

  Improve the level of understanding, firmly establish the economic and social development of the economic and social development to increase the safety demand of the people. Safety is the most basic needs of the people. There is no security as a basis and guarantee. The sense of gaining and happiness of the people will be a big discount or even disappear.

Maintaining public safety is to maintain the fundamental interests of the most broad masses, and to ensure that the people live in peace and business, social stability, and the national long rules. With the advancement of high quality development and society in my country, the people ‘s needs of the people have increasingly grow, and the requirements for security are getting higher and higher.

This requires us to consider security issues in the development process, create safety conditions and peaceful environments in the production and life of the people with higher levels of Ping An China. Safety is the premise and foundation of promoting development. Public security is related to the safety of the people’s lives and property, and it is related to the reform and development of stabilization. There is no security and stable social environment as the foundation and security, the development is "passive water, none of the wood", which not only has the development process that may be affected, but the development results are difficult to have a long-term.

Since the beginning of this year, the new crown pneumonia epidemic has ravaged globally. Under the strong leadership of the Party Central Committee, my country has achieved major strategic achievements against the struggle against neozopp pneumonia.

More importantly, the achievement of the anti-vloise has created a stable environment for complement production, and my country’s economy quickly stabilized.

  Safety is the meaning of development. The economic and social operation system itself contains various endogenous risks, and the process of effective preventing resolution of these endogenous risks and other foreign risks is public safety.

In the process of economic development and social operation, if effective measures are not taken to various endogenous risks, these risks may evolve into major accident disasters or major public safety incidents, which in turn Brings serious losses.

In addition, for exogenous risks such as natural disaster risk, biosafety risks, if there is a lack of necessary emergency preparation, it will be possible to seriously damage economic development and social operation.

Therefore, in the development process, we must consider safety issues and do a good job in various types of risk prevention and control.

  Safety is also a "production factor" to create productivity. In addition to ensuring development results, it is also involved in the production process, which is also a production factor that is unclatted, and can create value and benefits.

On the one hand, from the perspective of safety economics, the safe input output ratio is higher than the income output ratio of the general production factor.

In terms of disaster prevention and mitigation, accident prevention, public health, safety mainly created value mainly through stop loss and efficiency, with the increasing complexity of modern society, for a country and enterprises, safety has become one The competitiveness can be converted into real productivity. On the other hand, from the perspective of the development of the safety industry, public safety has become an important field of industrial industry, which creates a real product, service and value while helping public safety. Improve the governance system, improve the competence of major public safety risk prevention and control, adhere to the centralized unified leadership of public safety governance.

The Leaders of the Communist Party of China are the most essential characteristics of socialism with Chinese characteristics, and is the biggest advantage of the socialist system of Chinese characteristics.

In the field of public safety governance, adhering to the party’s leadership is to prevent significant safety risks, win the fundamental political guarantee and organization guarantee for winning various major crisis blockers.

  The new era insisted on and strengthened the unified leadership of public safety governance work to focus on the following four aspects.

First, when the party committees at all levels in the major events involving national planning, the party committees must fully consider safety factors, and the safety plan is incorporated into the national economy and the overall planning of urban and rural development, and building a first security line for economic development.

The second is to give full play to the organization leadership and decision-making commands in the process of major public safety risk prevention. To further clarify the organization commanding system architecture in the crisis, and clarify the command relationship and decision-making procedures of major emergency matters, and uniformly adjust the party’s unified command, unified coordination, unified dispatching. The third is that the main leaders must dare to take, before, "critical moments stand out, critical juncture". The fourth is to optimize the coordination planning and unified scheduling mechanism of party committees of all levels and resources.

Party committees at all levels should pay attention to the co-ordination construction of public safety and emergency teams, and do a good job in the scientific reserves of key emergency resources. When they will strengthen unified dispatch, they do their best.

  Adhere to the people centered, building a root base for public safety.

The ultimate goal of development is to meet the various material cultural needs of the people including security.

In the construction of public safety governance system, persistence of people’s supremacy, life first, adhere to "all for the masses, all rely on the masses", and the development of economic development, "development is the people, the development relying on people, the development results are shared by people", in nature The organic unity is to achieve the national governance system of "Building Building Sharing". Future, more good at using the mass line working methods, mobilizing the masses and social forces to actively participate in public safety governance, and effectively protect public life safety and property safety.

First, we must promote public safety and emergency cultural construction.

Further promote knowledge of disaster prevention and mitigation, safety production, food and drug safety, and health and epidemic prevention, enhance the risk prevention, first response and self-help mutual rescue ability, consolidate "last kilometers", build public safety people’s line of fire.

Second, we must vigorously develop social volunteers.

Further introduction of encouragement policies, vigorously develop all kinds of community service organizations, emergency volunteers, and social professional rescue power. The third is to constantly carry out the participation channels. Further optimize service platforms, scientifically guide the broad masses of people and social forces to participate in public safety governance processes.

  Optimize the governance mechanism, with science and technology to support the full cycle management model to strengthen the risk source governance, improve the risk assessment, risk assessment and monitoring early warning mechanism construction, to achieve early discovery of various major security risks, early recognition, early isolated, early Preparation and early resolution, control all kinds of major security risks from the source.

  To strengthen accurate governance, make a fine risk to prevent all work.

Effectively improve the level of refined management, achieve the full-life cycle safety control system from risk prevention, emergency preparation to monitoring, early warning, preliminary disposal, to comprehensive response, rescue, and then rescue to resume reconstruction.

  To strengthen technical support, use advanced technology to help public safety.

Further increase the application efforts of advanced science and technology in public safety governance systems, give full play to the auxiliary role of various advanced methods such as big data, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, improve public safety products and services, and promote public Modernization of safety governance system. While promoting the promotion of public safety levels, promoting the healthy development of the safety industry and forms a benign interaction.

  [Cao Haifeng is a professor of the Emergency Management Training Center of the Party School of the Communist Party of China (National Institute of Administration).

Treatment in the world, I know a good party – a well-selected healthy

Treatment in the world, I know a good party – a well-selected healthy

Your life will have 10,000 kinds of possibilities, when we walk on the streets, look at the crowd; look at the sky, feel the turmoil; when we fight, the new moon is different, feel the beauty of the times, our goal is to conquer yourself, Conquer the world, but in front of all dreams, a healthy body is to grasp all core foundations, measure all primary standards, and enjoy all fundamental power.

The establishment of a good choice for a good party, and the establishment of a good person. Guardian, enjoy healthy life, enjoy the business mission of quality life, and always deeply in the depths of every employee of the countryside, also integrate the occupational attitude and professionalism of the management team and the R & D team. The inheritance and innovation of the innovation, the realistic and exploration of the well-known for more than a decade, will remain in the nearly 59 Court Royal Royal Secrets of the Folk and 117 Effective Goods Collect and edit the book. Long-lasting, although there is a wind, not falling, although the calendar is.

When the time, a long quadruption, although the ancient times scattered the cheers of everyone, the legend of the mouth was passed, and it was still in this era.

In order to meet the different stages of today’s social development, the multi-quality conditioning of different age groups, how slowly, the research and development department, the research and development department of the country, according to the ancients, combined with contemporary medical academic achievements, continuous injection of new ingredients into health technology Many experts in the United Nations Selection, jointly conduct a series of rigorous and practical research.

Refer to the transformation of different weather, investigating the subtle changes in human physique.

At a time another experimental report and the precise quality control, the extremely high quality treatment and conditioning effect was achieved, and the high-quality products with high-quality products were launched, and the health navigation essential products under the new era were introduced. Under the professional guidance of the expert team, the knowledge is committed to helping more people fully understand their own treatment and conditioning demand, providing more suitable, high-quality health, and providing a full cycle of multi-dimensional health management solution for all people.

The knowledge of the business model and the high quality products of the company and the high quality products guidance to the healthy life of more people.

Good products, health navigation, inheriting the mission of Chinese traditional cultural high-quality good, and continuing to carry forward the brightness of the Everbright, the professional core department of the key party is selected by many domestic famous Chinese medicine experts, domestic and foreign nutrition diet experts team. It consists of the high-quality goodness of the selection and the "participating in the guiding innovative research and development" to form a well-known product line with the advantages such as natural ingredients, high absorption and side effects.

As of now, the product range mainly includes: female private care, gastrointestinal conditioning, cardiovascular conditioning, full cycle calcium products.

More conquerssed transformation products are still in clinical trials and innovative research, and it is expected to meet with consumers soon. The future of the people of the country is to eat as the sky, eat healthy! Prevention is better than the treatment! From the patented product, clinical application, authoritative recognition, intelligent service and business model, etc., etc., the knowledge is committed to pass Select, innovate and provide quality good products and services to guide all-round health life, provide more people with healthy life-based quality assurance, specifically provide specialized full cycle to individual health identification and health management Program, high-quality, reliable good choice for multi-quality, reliable management, health, and other multi-dimensional, reliable good options. The road to the future is far away, but it is not afraid of the insurance, Yongzhang peak, because of love, for love, fork the world, know a good party! 0 Disclaimer: The market is risky, choose cautious! This article is for reference only, not for trading basis.

See the revitalization of rural Guangdong | Su Weiwei: more than twenty years to explore the construction of a standard orange glow agricultural brand new vitality

See the revitalization of rural Guangdong | Su Weiwei: more than twenty years to explore the construction of a standard orange glow agricultural brand new vitality

  Xinhua Guangzhou February 7 electric (Kai Lvjia Yu Lijun Hao Hou) of orange important for Maoming City in Guangdong local farmers and promote rural revitalization.

How to market-oriented, technology-support, brand building for the drive, so that industry and brand of orange glow new vitality? Recently, Professor, School of Life Sciences, Sun Yat-sen, Citrus grandis research scholar Su Weiwei said in an interview, to create a chain of orange, promote the improvement of the quality of the relevant industry standards, promote the brand of orange standardization, quality boost economic and social development, international delivery a brand of orange business card. Professor, School of Life Sciences, Sun Yat-sen, Citrus grandis research scholar Su Weiwei accept the Xinhua interview. Xinhua Lin Xiaolei She a "orange" with three Chinese medicine help crack the problem of combating the disease since the late 1990s, he led the team of Su Weiwei orange for up to two decades of research dedicated to explore its scientific content, herbs value and nutrients.

  Su Weiwei said: "At first, Citrus grandis cough, phlegm, and the efficacy of anti-inflammatory medicines can separate characteristics have attracted our team was carried out extensive research.

Under the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, how to use the power of traditional Chinese medicine to break the fight against SARS problem has become the focus of research.

"Recently, Maoming City in Guangdong Federation of Voluntary Service, City of Orange Industry Association of Orange-related enterprises to join hands for the Tonghua City, Jilin Province, Heilongjiang Province Wangkui donated about 4.9 million yuan of orange products.

"In Citrus grandis for the media, Tonghua City, and the City Wangkui three will form a powerful force, a total anti-epidemic.

"Su Weiwei said.

  Construction of the whole industry chain system of quality standards to promote rural revitalization of the party’s ninth plenary session of the Fifth, adhere to solve the "three rural" issue as a top priority of the party’s work, take the socialist road with Chinese characteristics rural revitalization, the full implementation of the rural revitalization strategy. Currently, the City planted area of about 10 acres of orange, orange-red fruit annual output of 50,000 tons. Among them, the chemicals and red modern agricultural industrial parks have driven 300,000 farmers to engage in the relevant work of the orange-red planting industry, with a per capita annual income of more than 1,800 yuan.

  Of the state party secretary Xu Xiaoxia, said the City will build Citrus grandis billion industry, and promote the development of innovation and integration, to achieve industrial revitalization. Through the promotion of modern agricultural industrial park of Orange, the provincial town of orange construction features, to create industry alliance of orange, extend the industrial chain, while based on building a new pattern of development in order to promote high-quality development as the theme, to further promote the standardization of orange, International development. "Standardization of the development of the industry ‘backbone’ now Exocarpium industry standards and quality standards is still not perfect, excessive pesticide residues, pest appears, have occurred hybrid varieties phenomenon of degradation, which will undoubtedly affect Exocarpium industry healthy physique.

"Su Weiwei believes that the whole industry chain is very important quality standard system, including germplasm standardization, standardization of cultivation.

Citrus grandis base to explore the authentic original, digital technology by means of molecular bar code identification and traceability platform to further consolidate the China Citrus grandis industrial base, contribute to the revitalization of rural industry to grow.

  Take Measures to polish Recently farm brand business card, the value of a group of about 2 million of the orange-red throat lozenges under the supervision of Maoming, Zhanjiang Customs belongs to the customs smooth export to Singapore, to achieve "zero breakthrough."

In the new context of the development of the domestic large circle as the main domestic and international double loop mutually reinforcing, Exocarpium "international norm" more and more prominent.

  "Citrus grandis value and efficacy gradually recognized by Chinese and Western medicine, with an international property.

"Su Weiwei recommendations to promote the orange out of Guangdong, to the country, into the world, should vigorously promote the City of orange traceability system and standardization system, while establishing Citrus grandis schools, professional training, the formation of orange cultivation, processing R & D personnel such as a complete system, continuous development potential savings.

  In Su Weiwei view, the government should establish the appropriate mechanism to Guangdong quality supervision and management of agricultural markets, helping to create a standardized brand, increase market competitiveness; innovative fusion of form, intensive and efficient, open a new pattern of cooperation in agriculture, promote the development of high-quality agricultural industry in Guangdong ; to encourage competitive agricultural exports, strengthen the construction of agricultural demonstration base export, polished gold standard agricultural area of Guangdong, to enhance the international reputation of the brand.

Qujing Maron: List the quality of learning and promotion of learning 

Qujing Maron: List the quality of learning and promotion of learning 

Qujing Municipal Ma Long District took the lead in launching the theoretical learning center group in February this year, and listening to the listening of 10 townships (streets) and 61 zones in the whole district, and better play the theory The role of the "faucet" in the center group, comprehensively promoted the party committee (Party group) theoretical learning center group to study institutionalization, standardization, scientific, and created a strong theoretical study atmosphere in the whole district, and effectively improved the quality of party members and cadres and learning result.

Coordinate planning, let the side can follow the chapter.

Ma Long District Research and Development "Party Committee (Party Group) Theoretical Learning Center Group Learning Testing Work Plan" The group is listening to the work, each township (street) Party (Work) Committee Theory Learning Center Group Every study to include 3 "two generations of members", including the ethnic minority, listening to it. By listening, earnestly summarizing the promotion of the party committee (party group) theoretical learning center group learning, good practice, effectively improve the consciousness, initiative, creativity, and constant use of the party committee (party group) theoretical learning center group Innovation theory armed brain, guiding practice, and promoting work.

Well deploy, let the next heard highlights. The next listening work is taken by the Maron Parts Committee Propaganda Department to be responsible for coordination. It is the establishment of a team of working groups. According to the Ideological Work Responsibility System, 71 listening units will be selected, through and listen to the party committee (Party group) theoretical learning center group member conversation, consultation Forms of archives, in-depth understanding of the party committees (Party group) theoretical learning center group members everyday study, and study.

At the same time, it is required to summarize the next time, and actively promote the good mechanism of good experience in the study of the party committee (party group) theoretical learning center group, forming a good mechanism to increase publicity, praise advanced, spur, and jointly promoted.

Innovate, let the audio and color.

Before listening to the unit, it has adopted video learning, expert counseling, learning to build, discusses exchanges, on-site teaching, etc., further enhanced leading cadres’ interest in learning, and creating a strong learning atmosphere. The next-day work group participated in the study of the secondary school theory learning center group, on-site review quality, put forward the improvement of opinions and suggestions, and urge the next-listening unit to continuously improve the theoretical learning center group learning mode, improve learning quality. Strict supervision and survey, let the absorbed improvement results. The party committees (Party group) theoretical learning center group in Moron District, as an important basis for the party committee (Party group) ideology work responsibility system, including the annual party committee (party group) theoretical learning center group learning situation.

At the same time, establish an inspection and notification mechanism, and report on the development of the party committee (party group) in the right time. The theoretical learning center group learned "head geese effect", the general party members and cadres political theoretical learning to learn and follow up, legal follow-up, action follow-up, realize the normal learning, learning, from "To learn" to " I want to learn, "from" Study a while "to" Learn a Life "to change, and learn the style.

(Huang Yan, Yu Shushu) (Editor: Mu Jingyu, Zhu Hongxia) Sharing let more people see.

Struggle 100-year road to set sail new journey · Number of romance people | Jiao Yulu: life is also sand dunes, death is also sand dune, father and old life

Struggle 100-year road to set sail new journey · Number of romance people | Jiao Yulu: life is also sand dunes, death is also sand dune, father and old life

This is a photo of Jiao Yulu.

Xinhua News Agency issued Xinhua News Agency Zhengzhou May 27th: Jiao Yulu: Yifeng also dunes, death, sand dunes, father and death, Xinhua News Agency Wang Shuo, today, many Lankans still clearly remember the scene of Jiao Yulu buried days: Shili Eight Village The folks coming, gathered in a sand dune in the northern suburbs of Lankao County, everyone wearing white flowers, eyes with tears, standing in the cold wind … More than 50 years, the change of Lankao is turned over.

However, Jike Yulu Secretary and everything happened on the land will always engrave in people’s hearts. Jiao Yulu, born on August 16, 1922, was born in the Beishan Village, Beishan Village, Boshan County, Zibo City, Shandong Province.

During the date of ruling, the life of Jiao Yulu’s home is increasingly difficult. Jiao Yulu has been caught by the Japanese, sitting in a prison.

After being sent to Fushun Coal Mine.

In the fall of 1943, he finally escaped from the tiger, and went to the landlord for the landlord. After the victory of the Anti-Japanese War in 1945, Jiao Yulu returned to his hometown. At that time, he had no liberation, but the Communist Party had already led the masses to conduct revolutionary activities.

Under the active requirements of Jiao Yulu, he as a militia, and participated in the battle of Jiefang Boshan County. In January 1946, Jiao Yulu joined the Communist Party of China. Soon, participate in the regional armed forces, leading the militia to insist on guerrilla warfare. After that, he transferred to the Shandong Bohai region to participate in the reform review work, and he was a team leader. In the late Liberation War, Jiao Yulu left Shandong, came to Henan, allocated to Yu Shi County, until 1951. He has served as deputy director, district minister, deputy secretary of the district committee, and deputy secretary of the Youth League County Party Committee. Then, I will transfer to the Youth League Chen Li and the Youth League Zhengzhou District Party Committee, serving the Minister of Propaganda Department, the second deputy secretary.

  In June 1953, Jiao Yulu went to Luoyang Mining Machinery Manufacturing Factory to participate in industrial construction, once served as director of the workshop, and

In June 1962, he served as secretary of the county party committee.

In December of the same year, Jiao Yulu touched Lankao County, and he served as the second secretary of the county party, secretary.

  Lankao County is located in the Yellow River, where Yu Donghuang, is a old disaster area that is suffering from sand, saline, and internal.

The year of Jike Yulu Tang Ji Land is that this area is suffering from more than three consecutive years of natural disasters. The food production in the county has fallen to the lowest level in the past years. "Eating someone else is chewed." Ju Yulu has gone through the grassroots investigation research in the next day, and there are more than 120 large numbers in more than 140 big brigues in the county in more than a year. In the struggle of leading the people in the county, the water, the impact of the ground, Jiao Yu, the pawn, as a result.

When the winds and sand, he took the lead to check the wind, explored the sand; when the heavy rain was poured, he took the lead in the flood of the wads and looked at the flood flood. When the wind is covered, he led the cadres to visit the poor, boarding the public Send relief grain. He often drilled into the peasant’s grass, cowshed, and accompanied by farmers.

He concentrated on the valuable experience of the people in the people with natural disasters, and became the common wealth of the people of the county and became the powerful weapon of the people of the people in the county. Jiao Yul’s heart is installed with the county’s cadres, and only doesn’t himself.

He often has a pain in the waist, can’t ride the car. On May 14, 1964, Jiao Yulu took life by liver cancer, only 42 years old.

He is in the end of the only requirement to organize, "Take me back to Lanchi, buried on sand pile.

I didn’t cure the sand dunes. I have to watch you to cure the sand dunes. "In 1966, the Henan Provincial People’s Government pursued Jiao Yulu comrades as a revolutionary martyrs.

  After Jiao Yulu passed, the Communist Party of the Communist Party was struggling in Lankao, which not only realized the wishes of Jiao Yulu’s dunes, but also made this land happened to change. In March 2017, Lankao became the poverty-stricken county of Henan, using Jiao Yulu, led everyone to plant the paulownia tree production instrument, furniture, etc., and became an important industry that Lankao gave a well-off.

  "Keep the nature of the working people, carry forward the spirit of hard struggle, I am determined to become a public servant like Jiao Yulu …" In Yushu Memorial Park, a group of young people members face the tomb of Jiao Yulu, solemnly swear.

Russian media article: The United States "Three Trigid World" is very absurd

Russian media article: The United States "Three Trigid World" is very absurd

Reference Information Network November 8th reported on November 6th issued the article "Announced" Three Kingdoms "in Russia", the author is Peter Akov, the full text is as follows: Joint Meeting of the US Navy President Chairman Mark Mili delivered a speech in the Washington Aspen Safety Forum and made geopolitical arguments. The focus of his speech is that the era of the Three-pole world has arrived.

Mili said that the United States is entering the "Three Tria War" pattern, it will not only be forced to fight against Russia like the Cold War, but also fight against China.

Mili prophecy, if "We own in the next 10 years and 20 years without major changes, it will become a weak party in conflict."

The so-called geopolitical conclusion he has drawn is: "They (China) obviously launched the challenges of the regional level.

They will seek to challenge the United States at the world level.

"He said:" The Chinese have a Chinese dream, and they want to challenge the ‘rule’-based ‘liberal order’ that appear after World War II in 1945. They want to change the order.

This country that is becoming unusually powerful wants to make an international order.

This will be a practical challenge in the next 10 years and 20 years.

"That is to say, Mili is not discussed with military threats suffered by the US national interests, but the world’s geopolitical threat to the owner of Anglo Saxon, the threat to its global hegemony plan. Who does not agree with the Atlanticists The power is the enemy and threat of the United States. Russia and China are called the so-called "revision of the big country" by the United States, but Moscow and Beijing have no rights and obligations to defend their own views of the world? Mili stripped from principle Three-pole war and the idea of ??three power centers.

He also warned that "we are entering a world that may be more lively than the past 40 years to 70 years", ie, the tri-world is more dangerous than the two pole world.

This concept itself has a public provocative. This concept is attempting to make the United States and the Sino-Russian single-handed description, but the fact is not the case.

The two countries have been actually acting as allies, and there is no obstruction between Moscow and Beijing.

Mili will be treated as a fact: China is in the east, Russia in the west, the global leader is high (but need to update the arms in order to maintain hegemony). The challenge of the Sino-Russia is just a response measures. It is the Rule of Anglo-Saxon, ramping overbearing, shameless, and this party is the essence of the Atlantic Elite Global Hegemony Thought.

Therefore, the world is not a third-pole, in the plan to fight the United States, deprive of its hegemony status, Sino-Russia stands on a front. But this does not mean that the world is two poles, it is more complex and diverse. The new world strength situation will be multi-pole.

China and Russia are inadvertently occupying the United States in the new world, but to shape a world that does not have hegemonic. If the United States can understand this, it will be one of the power centers in the future world order.

If you can’t, the United States will lose everything.

The first traditional Chinese medicine intangible cultural heritage database is online free to open

The first traditional Chinese medicine intangible cultural heritage database is online free to open

Original title: The first traditional Chinese medicine intangible cultural heritage database is free to open the public to the public to open Chinese medicine intangible cultural heritage database web screenshot China Intangible Cultural Heritage Association Traditional Chinese Medicine Commission for the first Chinese medicine intangible cultural heritage database recently officially launched run. The Chinese Medicine Intangible Cultural Heritage Database is the construction of the China Medical Cultural Heritage Protection Association, relying on the construction of Chinese medicine intangible cultural heritage network, and the main content of the Chinese medicine intangible cultural heritage representative project and inheritor is currently global Chinese medicine. The largest field of intangible cultural heritage is the largest, most comprehensive, and the most authoritative database service system. The database supports inquiry inquiry, level, level, type, keyword search, and open to the public. The intangible cultural heritage of Chinese medicine is the essence of the essence in the treasure house of Chinese medicine. It is a typical representative of the intangible cultural heritage. It is an important carrier for the excellent traditional culture.

At present, the relevant state departments have adopted many measures in the protection system, protecting the list, the cultivation of talents, the construction of the talent team, and went out and other aspects, but long-term lack of system database, unable to grasp the non-material Chinese medicine The home of the cultural heritage cannot be done in the heart, there is a number in the heart, and it has caused certain plasmids to the inheritance of Chinese medicine intangible cultural heritage. The relevant person in charge said that it hopes that the online operation of the Chinese medicine intangible cultural heritage database can laid a solid data root base for the protection of Chinese medicine intangible cultural heritage, providing detailed basic data for academic research, providing government decisions Comprehensive data support provides a three-dimensional information platform for scientific communication and international exchange.

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