Jiaxing: Top "Top Ten Hundred Days of Tackling Actions" to stabilize the economic market

Jiaxing: Top "Top Ten Hundred Days of Tackling Actions" to stabilize the economic market

  Recently, Jiaxing has studied the "Ten hundred -day tackling operation" plan for economic stability and quality, and focuses on helping enterprises, dual -move and dual quotes, project promotion, smooth circulation, stabilizing foreign trade, boosting consumption, steaming birds, changing birds, and changing birds, and changing birds, and changing birds. The "100 -day tackling" action such as the stable and healthy development of real estate, the insurance security, and the optimization of the business environment will further boost the spirit, firm confidence, and take the initiative to stabilize the economic market. A string of numbers indicate the determination of Jiaxing’s stable economy to promote improvement: in the first half of the year, reducing the burden of more than 20 billion yuan for enterprises; actual use of foreign capital of 2.5 billion US dollars; fixed asset investment to ensure an increase of 10%and strive to 12%; foreign trade exports increased by%year -on -year; The growth rate of the total retail sales of consumer goods will strive to reach more than 3%; strive to rectify more than 1,000 high -efficiency enterprises … Since 2022, the new crown pneumonia’s epidemic has a significant exudation, and the actual economy has severely under pressure. A big focus of work.

To this end, Jiaxing will focus on the "helping enterprises help the 100 -day tackling operation" from early June to the end of September. Waiting for the "one -sided" policy to take effect; on the other hand, measures such as deepening the one -to -one assistance mechanism of one -to -one assistance mechanisms for the manufacturing industry, and opening the "I solve the problem for enterprises" windows to achieve precise assistance and timely solve corporate demands. In addition, Jiaxing will also carry out a series of docking activities such as the upstream and downstream connection meetings of the industrial chain and the "pro -clearing through traffic, the bank -enterprise conference" in this hundred days, and serve the urgent needs of enterprises. At present, many foreign trade enterprises are facing difficulties such as the delay in order delivery and the growth of the production and sales cycle. For foreign trade companies that have been greatly impacted in the context of the epidemic, Jiaxing will organize online trading, support exhibitors, and carry out foreign trade procurement docking. In the way, it will help enterprises to expand markets and guarantee orders, promote the stable development of foreign trade in the city, and accelerate export growth. In terms of boosting consumption, Jiaxing will efficiently implement the 2022 Jiaxing Municipal Government’s Hui Enterprise Division No. 1 and the Service Industry Leading Group No. 1 to accelerate the resumption of development in difficult industries in the service industry to ensure that all special involved in the service industry enterprises will be involved in the service industry by the end of August. All funds are fulfilled. Right now, as the epidemic is effectively controlled, the willingness to shop, travel, and leisure will be enhanced. To this end, Jiaxing will promote the issuance of 300 million yuan in Huimin consumer coupons in various places, and seize the opportunity of the Dragon Boat Festival holiday to carry out "strong Qing Dragon Boat Festival" " A series of online and offline consumer activities such as Hui Enjoy "and" Love in Chaocheng ".

At the same time, accelerate the development of new consumption, and push Jiaxing’s famous special, old -fashioned, and character products to the online mall and live broadcast room, and continuously enrich the consumption options of citizens.

  The main person in charge of the Jiaxing Municipal Party Committee stated that it is currently at a key node that determines the economic trend throughout the year. Jiaxing will use a firm determination to "exceed the situation and work if the work will be super routine." We will strengthen the expected guidance, boost market confidence, make every effort to promote economic stability and rise, and strive to achieve the economic rebound in June, keep up with the pace of the province in the third quarter, and strive to make more contributions throughout the year.

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